Thursday, March 28, 2013

Operation shutterbug challenge #1

So, as most of you know I have become a shutterbug. My favorite shots are of scenery and animals outdoor but I want to learn how to take good photos indoors and close up as well so when my good friend Conni started a shutterbug challenge through her blog at The Foodie Army Wife(, I had to jump on it.
The first week's challenge was to take a photograph about you. I could take this literal or take a photo of something that represented me. I chose the first option so that I could work on my indoor photographing. What I chose to focus on was my white balance experimenting. I don't have a professional camera, it's somewhere between the dummy point and shoot and the "you actually know why you are doing" camera. So I can't set the white balance by numbers but it had multiple settings. It has an auto setting, fluorescent, tangent, shades are open and outdoor setting. By looking at the photos below you can see that each setting changes the photo a bit. It was a very eye opening experiment.
The other thing I tried was defusing the flash of my camera by placing a card in front of it and it too brought about a major change to the photograph. I have learned quite a bit this week and look forward to next week's challenge "still life"!

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Conni Dahl Smith said...

I loved your photos :)