Sunday, November 25, 2012

My photography

Photography has been something I have liked to do but haven't had the greatest equipment to work with. Well I finally bought myself a decent camera and Alaska has no shortage of opportunities to practice with. Today was a good example. Right now our sun sets around 1500 and the moon is almost constantly out. Well this creates some interesting images. This was taken off my front porch right around sunset. I just loved the coloring that was present and the contrast of the dark tree next to it.

 The other thing I am absolutely addicted to photographing is the Aurora. I tried with my old camera and couldn't figure out how to get it to show up. But with my new camera I just put it on a special setting and manage to photograph some of the aurora but I wasn't happy with the clarity so I took a local class on how to do and the difference was amazing!!
You can actually see my stars are in focus and I left the shutter open long enough to get plenty of the lights. This night was a green aurora but I hope to chase down some other colors. Maybe a trip north is in order but it is always a game of chance so we will wait and see.

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